News! 3/26/2002 Content! It's true!




I'm fresh back from Rome (great city, give it a visit) and I've been animating like a crazy person! I actually have some stuff for you to enjoy/hate/use as beercoaster.

The Dark Side Of Rocketengineering A short animation about the dangers of beeing a rocketscientist.

Top 10 sentences you are likely to hear in the future! The future holds a lot of new surprises.

Snot: Some flicks I'm not so proud of.
Steve And Dave These two were spamming in a messageboard so I directed my anger towards them into this stupid little animation.

Lemon Goats I made this last night while I was really bored.

I still haven't managed to fix my fancy PHP newssystem. It really bugs me!



Top 10s

Check this out

Wow, you found me! You're a genious!


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