Affiliation is linking taken a step further. Instead of just having a link to the other site on a page full of links, the link is on the frontpage (or in my case every page) and sometimes the linking is done by small pictures. the other site does the same thing with your link. This way both sites will get more hits from rthe others and it's kinda a win win situation.
Become affiliated

I allready have plenty of affiliates so i will only accept new affiliates with sites that i'm sure of will bring me lots of hits. if you think so mail me with your URL and banner (a html for the banner wold be nice but i can put it on my site if not) and a few words about your site and how msany hits you get. If you are accepted for affiliation, add one of the banners below to your page(remote linking won't work) and link it to

Thanks to the guys at COR3000 for the banner at the left.


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