Arts and also some stuff
Fireworks I scetched this in class, people liked it so i drew it for real.
God-dino Me foolin' around with photoshop. The stuffed animal is one of my littlesister's. It's about half a foot tall.
Elf Danish version of an elf i drew for christmas. Stickdeathstyle.
The Man Well I am, aint I?
Banner An animated banner i did for the late SFDC top50
Stick Death Banner Before/After pic of a stickfigure.
AVC Logo Made for the logocontest in the Animated Violence club. It won :)
SFDC logo Made for the logocontest in the Stick Figure Death Club. It lost :(
Mango TV A spoof of MTV.
Nerdtypes A picture I made of various nerdtypes.
The Nut A test of my flashskills based on the "persona" of The Mad Nutter. It features some light and masking effects that i think turned out pretty good.
CCP 3D I made this in right after i got swift3D, a programme that makes 3D in flash.
Donut Island A 3D render I did with Bryce. Believe me, it's nothing.
This is where I put all the crap that I've made but don't really need.




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