Cool sites



The Mad Nutters gamespage A great gamingsite made by one of my friends.
Joecartoon Best flash in...ever!
NewGrounds The 'net's best source of flashmovies. Games, Toons, Portal and more.
Stileproject A delicious mix of porn and violence. Warning: for sick and strong souls only!
Sexy Losers Probably the best online comic ever!
MorallyBlind Cool flashsite.
Amused A very complete collection of humor.
TolarNaTolar Not sure what the name means but the site has a collection of some of the best flashmovies out there.
wEIRDwEIRDwEIRD One of teh weirdest and coolest places on teh 'net!!!!111jhgs9jfbjabhszOjg
Lots of cool places to go when you are fed up with this site...
Stick death Sites
Violent Animated Deaths Created by the master of stickdeath, Ryan Khatam, this stands alone at the very peak of amazing stickdeath!
PickleJ Some of the very best stickdeath.
Bob Thompson's Sticks-o-death This is a page with very simple stickdeath but it still makes me laugh!
SFDT Large archive of stickdeath!
StickSuicide Above average stickdeath.
The Jeff and Benny Show Wait! This aint stickdeath!
LD Incorporate Created by Dave Lancaster this is one of the very best flash death sites. Very smooth animation.
Kill Bob Kill a guy named Bob, again and again and again!



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