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Q: Why have you made this site?
A: I have always liked to draw and always wanted to animate. Then i found out about gif animating so i started doing those but i wanted to put it on the internet so people could see my work. Then a friend of mine told me about geocities and I made a site wih their online pagebuilder. Later i learned using dreamveawer got a domain and cartooncrackpot.com was born.

Q: Who is CartoonCrackpot?
A: CartoonCrackpot is the alter ego for a chronicly single 17 year old loserboy from europe. CartoonCrackpot allows him to meet people and act really cool even though he's not...at all.

Q: What do you use for animating?
A: For gifs I use Gifbuilder and Adope Photoshop 6 for the drawings. For flash animation I use Flash 5, it is a bit harder to learn but when mastered offers you great possibilities.

Q: How do i get a site excatly like yours?
A: First sign up at geocities, toil for hours on end to create a site with Geocities Pagebuilder, have a few people tell you how crappy it looks, download Macromedia Dreamveawer 4 and crack it illegally, toil for even more hours on end and end up with a mediocre design like this.

Q: I really really like this site. How do I become more involved in it?
A: First of all, join my newsletter (you can sign up for it on the front page). I send out an issue every time I update. Then you should sign my guestbook and tell me how cool you think I am. After that go to my forum and start a discussion there (nobody uses it, why not be the first?). Then vote for me on the topsites. You are always welcome to e-mail me if you have further comments. If you're lucky you may find me on yahoo! IM. My id is cartooncrackpot. Finally you should send me money and/or nudyphotos if you are a really hot babe.

Q: I really really hate your site. How do annoy you the best with my stupid loser opinions?
A: Well you could spew out your hate in my guestbook or e-mail me your feelings. If you do so I will put your message on my list of hatemail. I am to good a person to expose your e-mail (unless you REALLY piss me off). Here are a few things you and do to really step on me:
1: Correct spelling errors.
2: Bitch about how violence is bad. (it's not my fault that you are a complete pussy.)
3: Be absolutely inconstuctive in your critique. (ex: Your animations suck you phycho! Like get a life loser. Stop copying other people's work! STICKDEATH.COM RULZ!(not))
4. Use lol, rulz, u, r, ur and brag about being a hA><0R!
5: Tell me the TRUTH about me!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Q: Why are you so cool?
A: Well...being really arrogant usually helps.

Q: What happened to Nerdwatch 2000, sounds and the form?
A: I was never really satisfied with Nerdwatch so i chose to discontinue that part of my site. If I get enough requests for it's revival or I just get really bored then it might reappear as a part of my site or an independent place.
I found the sounds pretty malplaced so i removed them. If you really want it I can bring them back as a special feature.
The form will probably come again some day.

Q: How do I learn how to animate?
A: Animation is very much about skill and having a feeling of how things move. I suggest that you read every possible book you can find on the subject and watch lots of loony toons and Tom and Jerry to get the best result. If you choose to animate in Flash you should go to Flashkit and check out their toturials (they are both for beginners and advanced learners). If you want to go with gif e-mail me if you have any questions.

Q: How do I get people to see my stuff?
A: If you make Gif go to SFDT if you make stickdeath. For flash go also to SFDT and Newgrounds for great exposure. The best thing though would be to have your own site which you can easyly construct for free at geocities. When you have your own site add it to this toplist.

Q: What is your real name?
A: I. P. Freely...

Q: Why stickdeath?
A: For more than a year ago i read a small article in a newspaper about stickdeath and i got fascinated with it. I then found a descent gifanimator and just started animating. Stickdeath is relatively easy to do. Everybody can do it but few can do it good. I now feel that stickdeath has a lot of limitations so i am trying to make a transition to real people animation. I still love stickdeath and it is very possible that i will shoot out a stick death movie once in a while.

Q: I desperately want to make love to you!
A: Uhmm...why?

Now and then people e-mail me about this and that, where, what, how, when, WHY???
I have put up this page so perhaps these people will find an aswer to their question before they clog my inbox.




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